January Kerr is a lawyer turned writer. She studied government and legal theory at Lafayette College and earned her law degree, cum laude from the New York Law School. After a decade of practicing securities litigation, she decided to focus her energy on raising a family. It was through the birth of her first daughter that her creative fire was rekindled and she rediscovered her passion for writing and philosophy.


Ms. Kerr writes fiction and creative non-fiction with a focus on postmodern feminist thought and esoteric philosophy. Her writing is further characterized by metaphysical connections and transcendental thought. Through etymology, epistemology and metaphysics, she hunts through the past to explain the present and gleam the future.


Ms. Kerr has honed her craft with the Gotham Writers Workshop and Stony Brook Southampton MFA & Writers Conference.​.



January Kerr




Ms. Kerr's work has been featured in Persephone Magazine, the East Hampton Star, From the Mouths of Babes web series as well as her own blog Peering The Veil


She is currently working on her debut novel, The Patriarchy Project, which has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 Claymore Award at The Killer Nashville International Writers' Conference. 


The Name Game 

Personal analysis on post-modern feminist trends in name changes upon marriage.

The Wish

Out of the Mouths of Babes, a web series dedicated to mothering and creativity.





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Esoteric Philosophy
Post Modern Feminist Thought

Peering the Veil is about peeling back the layers of reality and living a more conscious life. 

It’s about women riding the Fourth Wave of the women’s movement and its impact on postmodern society and the evolving roles of women in our culture.

It’s about strengthening our intuition and living life from the inside out, not the outside in.

It’s about fostering intellectual debate in a nonjudgmental forum.

It’s about opening our minds and our eyes and facing our fears.

It’s about looking at situation and inherently understanding what is real and what is not.  

It’s about realizing that there are innumerable truths as each individual’s reality is different from the next.

It’s about reexamining history and thinking that maybe, just maybe, there is more to the story than what we have been told.

Ultimately, Peering the Veil is about opening the curtain and realizing that the Great Oz is just a reflection of you, me, nature and how all this energy collides to create the universe in which we live.


PEER - verb

1.     to look narrowly or searchingly, as in the effort to discern clearly.

2.     to peep out or appear slightly.

3.     to come into view.

Origin:  1585–95;  perhaps aphetic variant of appear.


VEIL - noun

1. something that covers, separates, screens, or conceals.

2.a mask, disguise, or pretense.

Origin: 1175–1225;  (noun) Middle English veile  < Anglo-French  < Latin vēla,  neuter plural (taken in VL as feminine singular) of vēlum covering; (v.) Middle English veilen  < Anglo-French veiler, derivative of veile.